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More than ever, as occupiers, you have a greater understanding of the process and the projects you are under taking. This means we need to compliment your knowledge and support you in the areas you require, whether it is simple alteration works or a complete turn key solution. We take you through the four stage ‘PROJECT LIFE CYCLE’ to ensure you understand the process, so you can select the services needed to help you with the refurbishment or fit out.


  1. Your business needs

    Understanding your Business

    Being clear about what your business needs from the property.

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  2. Building selection

    Finding the best Building

    Finding the best all round building that supports your staff and how they work.

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  3. Designed to inspire

    Design, Price and Programme

    Designing an interior to inspire your staff and clients within the parameters set by the company.

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  4. Time and budget

    Procurement, Build & Relocation

    Delivering on time, and on budget in the most efficient way.

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