OAKLEY Interiors

Design, Price & Programme

Working on your selected building, we analyse in more detail the infrastructure within the office, especially the air conditioning. The infrastructure tends to drive a ‘natural’ layout for the new office. Working ‘with the building’ does not lessen the potential design impact, but does dramatically reduce your costs. We look at how we can optimise the space for your staff and create a motivational interior to enhance their productivity.

The design is then priced and we provide three cost levels, bronze, silver and gold, which is like a shopping list for each level. In essence, you have the flexibility to select the features which are important, and so you create your own budget. We provide independent furniture advice, to help you select the right products to reflect the design, budget and intended use.

As the design is refined with yourselves, we develop a detailed schedule of works, clarifying everything required during fabrication and construction, and to provide a fixed cost for the project. We will also prepare the documentation needed to gain Landlord and Building Control approvals.

Our Environmental Policy addresses sustainability issues and best practice product specifications.

In summary, we will provide:

Design, price & programme