OAKLEY Interiors

Our Values

At Oakley Interiors, Corporate Responsibility is the corner stone of everything we do. This is not a superfluous facet but a true reflection of our culture, vision and values.

At Oakley Interiors, we take our place both in the global and local communities very seriously. We believe that our community should share in our success and that we should use our position to help support others less fortunate than ourselves. We therefore have a policy of donating a significant percentage of net profits to charities both in the UK and abroad each year.

As a commercial organisation, we understand that our operations have an impact on the environment we occupy, the people we employ and the community in which we live. The Oakley Interiors team strives to ensure that this impact is as positive as possible. From our stringent use of public transport, to the way we minimise consumables and waste; our commitment to environmental best practice is as significant as it is tangible.

Project Impact
As a specialist service provider, we believe it is our responsibility to employ best practice through the solutions we provide. We therefore utilise industry best practice and specialist knowledge wherever possible to optimise the lifetime operations of our client’s workspace. We seek to design inspiring places of work which promote environmental and sustainable best practice and enable employees to feel safe in the knowledge that their working environment does not adversely affect the environment in which they live.