OAKLEY Interiors

Understanding Your Business

When looking at the business objectives, every company is unique. The property is the second largest out going after staff on a regular basis. We can help you understand how to maximise this investment while achieving the goals set for the business.

We review how you have grown to date, why, and how you might change it. Do you use the office as often as you think you do? – most offices have an under occupancy of 25-30%. How do the staff communicate with each other and the clients? Does the office support how they want to work to be more productive? Is there expansion for your growth? Discussing your workplace in a formal or an informal manner can often give surprising answers, and more importantly, engages the staff in this process.

It also provides a review for management on how well this asset is working for you and what your options are to make changes. A summary report can include this key information: