OAKLEY Interiors

Finding the Best Buliding

Understanding both the company’s and staff objectives creates a ‘blueprint’ of what the office needs to provide. We can then translate this into a search requirement to be used either by yourselves, or an acquiring agent, to look for a property in a much more focussed manner. We can assist further with a postcode analysis which reviews your staff travel patterns to help identify the best area for the building location.

Once a shortlist of preferred offices has been identified, we can undertake a building comparison which identifies the ‘pros and cons’ of each site. This clearly identifies the best building for your company taking into consideration how you will use it, the efficiency of the building itself and the costs for any potential fit-out together with the rent and rates. This allows you to compare potential offices on a ‘like for like basis’.

Having decided on the preferred building, we organise the surveys needed to safeguard your potential on going liabilities for the building – these can include:

Finding the best buliding

This will provide information for the property agent or solicitor to either have any issues rectified, or to negotiate an extended rent free period or capex sum from the Landlord.